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  • Does it hurt?​​ To be frank: duh! This isn't going to feel like a massage from a beautiful, exotic, and soft-handed, spa therapist. Sorry!  That said, our artists are well trained so as to best manage pain and keep you as comfortable as possible. We also provide numbing cream, which you can find in our Shop. 

  • Is it safe? All needles are single use and all instruments are autoclave sterilized. We perform independent lab spore testing to assure our sterilization equipment is in peak working order, to which we keep regular logs that are available for you to view if you so choose. We require our staff to be trained and certified, and hold the highest of standards in regards to cleanliness. 

  • What is the age requirement? We will NOT tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years of age. We require government ID and signed consent forms from all of our clients. 

  • What does it cost?  Our shop rate is approx. $170/hr. Any tattoo under an estimated 3 hours is usually given a quote so you know what to expect for price. PLEASE NOTE: All appointments require a non-refundable deposit, which is to be paid after your initial consultation. 

  • What are my payment options? Cash is always king, but we have recently upgraded our system to allow for debit and credit (Visa/Mastercard) payments.  

  • How do I make an appointment? We encourage clients to call or visit us at the shop as it's often the quickest and most efficient way to book a consultation with one of our artists. This way we can trace the area and get to know you and your design before booking an appointment!


James Jacobs, Enso Tattoo, Calgary
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